We enable modularized, de-coupled communication and orchestration between commerce front- and back-end. By this we allow faster integration and rollouts of checkout new features, while preserving service independence and exchangeability

Product top features

• Decouple POS front-end from POS back-end

• POS Vendor agnostic by abstraction

• Orchestration of back-end service

• Data model conversion

• Routing and authentication

• Configuration Management (routing)

Work tasks

• Close to zero front-end/UI related tasks; the product is pure back-end (Kotlin/Gradle library and Kotlin microservice)

• Design and review of class models and interfaces to ensure frictionless collaboration with front-end/app team

• Implementation of Kotlin/Gradle library

• Implementation of (Kotlin) microservice

• Cloud deployment of microservice to Azure

• Handling Azure DevOps pipelines (CI/CD)

• Code review

• Write and run unit tests

• Write and run automated regression tests

• Include and execute code vulnerability scans in CI/CD pipelines

• Include and execute code quality checks for smells, bugs and unit test coverage

Competence: min. 5 years

Delivery location: Off site

Utilization: 100%

CV review: 52, 1 and 2

Interviews: 52, 1 and 2

Period from: 2021-01-11

Period to: 2021-08-31

The first two days are non billable


• Strong Java and/or Kotlin knowledge and experience

• Excellent understanding of Object Oriented Programming design patterns and when/how to apply them

• Excellent communication skills

Expected from senior software engineers:

• Experience with Git/Distributed version control

• Experience with CI/CD

• Knowledge around branching strategies, e.g. trunk based

• Big plus: knowledge around network security related topics: Oauth, JWT, TLS, MDM

• Generally: as this product comes with high technical uncertainty, flexibility in shifting and adopting different tech stack requirements fast is crucial

Personal Competences

We have an Agile WoW, and work team based as opposed to role based. This might require the candidate to set up KT session with team to distribute knowledge within the team, further participate in KT-session to broaden competence and be able to execute on other activities than just ABAP development.

Honest and transparent communication when in agreement and not in agreement

Language skills

• Fluent in English written an oral

Önskvärd kompetens

• Class modelling skills using UML

• Experience with designing and consuming REST APIs

• Knowledge around containerized solutions and how to host & run them

• Experience with building and deploying micro services

• Some experience in Azure or other cloud solutions


Arbetsort: Stockholm
Startar: 2021-01-11
Slutar: 2021-08-31

Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-01-08