We are now looking for a test lead/tester in project LIMA, Life cycle management of the future store portfolio system. Test management/testing can also be within projects that are cross team in the Interior Service Area supporting our store expansion.

Service area Interior supports the Interior department with tools required to manage the store expansion. Interior’s responsibility is to create the most commercial stores in a cost-efficient way and at the pace that the expansion goals require. This work includes development and design of interior products, planning and layout of each individual store and purchase of the interior products (Non-commercial goods).

The assignment consists of working with manual testing within LIMA.

Competence: 2-10 years

Location: Stockholm

Work environment

Our IT office in Marievik is activity based environment and all consultants are expected to work Activity Based and understand this type of workplace.

The first two days at the assignment are non billable.

Work tasks

• Participate at an early stage in project release phase and align test work with requirements and business needs

• Lead and test in system integration test

• Coordinate business testing and be the connection to external supplier

• Participate in manual test work in other project releases

• Create test cases for system integration test cross releases and cross internal systems

• Used to large integration projects

• Act speaking partner with external supplier regarding test

• Regression, system, integration and exploratory tests are a part of daily work.

• Understand XX Development Practices and guidelines.

• You will work close together with test leaders, testers, requirement specifiers, system responsibilities and developers.

• Participate in test and team meetings to discuss new requirements, development progress, test challenges, delivery status and share work related knowledge.

• Regular status and information meetings with other testers, system architect, requirement analyst, developers and system responsible. Developers and testers work both onsite and offshore but in separate teams.


As a test lead/tester it is important that you have following qualifications:

• have good knowledge and experience as listed in technical skills

• have good knowledge in Microsoft products and techniques

• have good ability in communicating in problems and solutions

• have knowledge on how to write and design Test cases and acceptance criteria handling

• Can work independently and actively to get correct information to solve your assignments

• Can work actively with business analysis and developers to design tests from specifications and/or user stories and not just after development is complete.

• Must be fluent in English, both spoken & written

• You have some years of knowledge and experience with testing advanced IT systems including multiple integrations between systems.

• You must be flexible, highly motivated and be able to question the solution and think out of the box.

• You have strong communication skills and the ability to communicate about problems and solutions.

• You are good both in speech and writing in English. Swedish language skills are meriting.

• You are thorough, but flexible in mind.

• You like working in a team or in a project but can work independently.

• You have attention to details, but without losing the general picture.

You as a person are:

• genuinely interested in working with XX specific needs and challenges

• flexible and prestige less

• a good communicator

• team player but also individual performer

• Professional

Technical competence

• Jira, or other project management system